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TEP OxyWater

A natural organic soil activator


    TEP OxyWater is designed to activate and supplement the natural microorganisms in the soil. TEP OxyWater improves soil structure, water penetration, holding capacity, seed germination, and root growth, which results in healthier plants and profile.

    TEP OxyWater is a proprietary water based microorganism culture, also containing organic compounds, that are nutrient and vitamin precursors of plant and animal origin.

Expected Benefits
    TEP OxyWater accelerates the natural nutrient cycles in the soil by increasing usable oxygen and thus increasing the population of important aerobic soil microorganisms. These organisms increase the plants ability to utilize the complex chemicals in the soil.

Applications for ground use
   Applied any time after soil temperatures are continually above freezing. 

  • 2 gal/ac per season
    • 1 gallon/acre to start
    • 1/2 gallon/acre 3 weeks after 1st application
    • 1/2 gallon/acre 3 weeks after 2nd application

    Do NOT use TEP OxyWater with pesticides or herbicides. These will kill the beneficial microorganisms in the OxyWater.

Analysis of TEP OxyWater

  • Chemical Determinations:
    • Glucose content - 0mg%
    • Total protein - 4mg/100ml
    • pH - 9.0
    • PCO2 - 4.2mEq/liter
    • PO2 - 156.0mEq/liter
    • Dissolved oxygen - average 28.0ppm
  • Identifications
    • Bacillus polymyxa
    • Bacillus sphaerius
    • Bacillus cereus
    • Flavobacterium species
    • Mima polymorpha
    • Pseudomonas maltaphilla
    • Bacillus species predominated
    • No salmonella or shigella isolated
    • No pathogenic bacteria found



TEP Oxywater label (pdf)