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Erickson Family Farms Story

Erickson Farms Farming California since 1879

Erickson Farms is a family farming operation on our fourth & fifth generation with the sixth pedaling their tractors not far behind. Our family started farming in Easton, Ca. in 1879 after migrating from Sweden in 1872. In 1920 we expanded to a ranch in Madera Ca. This ranch continues to be our headquarters today as we still farm a piece history; over century old olive trees that were in the ground when we originally purchased the property. Farming isn’t for the faint of heart but through these challenges our family has persevered and grown. As proud as we are of our past we carry that legacy to the present and will someday be past on to the next generation. Historically we’ve been a diversified operation, not only in the crops we grow, which consist of six different fruits and nuts, but in different sectors of agriculture. From real estate, insurance, trucking, custom farming to our most recent venture, nutrition. This latest endeavor, TEP, derives from a long history of using the product ourselves. Twenty-three years before we purchased the company, we started using the products. Over the years we have seen the results of using TEP products, not only from increased yield and quality, but to plant and soil health. TEP achieved this by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing their product with leading authorities in the plant nutrition field. As a result, TEP products have proven themselves season after season with more satisfied growers each year.